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Smart Glass 90 - Omega II Roof Glass

            SmartGlass 90 will be used only in sloped, overhead applications such as glass-roofed sunrooms.   Traditionally, in glass-roofed rooms, most of the excess heat gain that enters the sunroom comes through the overhead glass because the sun tends to be higher in the sky in summer.  To combat this problem, and also to reduce the potential for glare in a glass-intensive room, SmartGlass 90 will reduce the solar and UV transmission to less than half that of our old Smart Glass.  To enhance the performance of SmartGlass 90,  the inboard pane of this product is the same high performance green glass used in SmartGlass 30.  By utilizing two layers of high performance glass in the same unit, SmartGlass 90 achieves solar shading performance unmatched by any other manufacturer, blocking up to 83% of the sun’s harmful and damaging UV radiation and 84% of unwanted solar heat transmission. 
           So in Summer, when the sun is higher in the sky, this unique new roof glass will keep the room cooler and more usable, and in winter, when the sun is lower in the sky, our vertical SmartGlass 60 will enable you to benefit from low levels of passive solar gain to help heat the room. SmartGlass 90 has 50% less visible light transmission to help reduce glare associated with overhead glass in summer, and to block an astounding 85% of total solar energy transmissionSmartGlass 90 is more than twice as effective as most of our competitor’s extra-cost low-e double pane offerings, significantly extending the number of hours that your clients can comfortably use their rooms during the heat of summer months.

• 5 times less heat gain than clear dual pane glass - Available for flat roof glass
• Blocks 85% of harmful UV radiation
Glass Type IGU Unit U-Value R-ValueUV Tvis Rvis Tsol ShadingRHG SCGC
Single Pane Clear 1.0 1.074% 90% 9% 83% 0.98210 0.85
Single Pane Bronze 1.0 1.044% 68% 7% 65% 0.84182 0.73
Single Pane SmartGlass 30 1.0 1.052% 83% 8% 60% 0.81175 0.70
Double Pane Clear 0.5 2.061% 81% 15% 69% 0.87181 0.75
Double Pane Bronze 0.5 2.038% 61% 11% 54% 0.72151 0.62
Double Pane Low-e 0.31 3.2043% 78% 12% 52% 0.66137 0.58
Double Pane SmartGlass 40 0.45 2.2045% 75% 14% 52% 0.69144 0.59
High Performance SmartGlass 60
HP Vertical Glass
.025 4.031% 70% 12% 34% 0.4389 0.37
High Performance SmartGlass 90
HP Roof Glass
.025 4.017% 35% 14% 15% 0.2860 0.24

SmartGlass 90 - FIVE Times as Effective as Double Pane Glass - BLOCKS 83% of the Harmful UV  SmartGlass   U-Value & R-Value  Includes Our Standard Argon Gas Filling


Radiant (non solar) Heat Transfer thru Glass measured in BTU per Sq Ft per Hour X Delta T
UV                % Transmission of Radiation thru Glass Unit
Tvis               % Transmission of Visible Light
Rvis               % Reflectance of Visible Light
Tsol               % Transmission of Total Solar Energy
Shading         Shading Coefficient an Index of Solar Heat Gain Rejection ( Lower Numbers are Better)
RHG              Relative Heat Gain. The Actual Solar Heat Transmission Thru Glass
SHGC            Similar to Shading - (Lower Numbers are Better)


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