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DuraLite Dual Pane - Window and Door Glass

Tempered Glass Clear is used in the Alpha II Windows and Doors. It is the next generation in our product line of high-performance dual pane glass. This product consists of an outer pane of 1/8” green glass over an inner pane of 1/8” clear. This new product has 20% lower solar transmission than ordinary double pane clear glass (and 26% less UV transmission). Providing; Eight times the strengh of residential window glass, Ten times the scratch resistants of acrylic windows, and Twice the clarity of other glass types.

* Duralite Tempered Glass is up to:
8 Times Stronger than Residential Window Glass
10 Times More Scratch resistant than Acrylic
2 Times More Clarity than Other Glass
Safer for Your Family & Virtually Indestuctible

            The last two high-performance glass products represent a significant improvement over our old Smart Glass, and are called SmartGlass 60 and SmartGlass 90EZ. Both of these are double pane glass products that incorporate a unique multi-layered low-e coating applied to the inside of the outboard pane of glass.  This incredible coating blocks far higher levels of the sun’s invisible solar heat and harmful UV radiation. 

20% Less Heat Gain vs. Clear Double Pane

26% Less UV Transmission vs. Clear Double Pane 

5%   Less Heat Gain vs. Bronze Double Pane

23% Less Blockage of Light vs. Bronze Double Pane 


Radiant (non solar) Heat Transfer thru Glass measured in BTU per Sq Ft per Hour X Delta T
UV                % Transmission of Radiation thru Glass Unit
Tvis               % Transmission of Visible Light
Rvis               % Reflectance of Visible Light
Tsol               % Transmission of Total Solar Energy
Shading         Shading Coefficient an Index of Solar Heat Gain Rejection ( Lower Numbers are Better)
RHG              Relative Heat Gain. The Actual Solar Heat Transmission Thru Glass
SHGC            Similar to Shading - (Lower Numbers are Better)